We exist to make complex B2B processes run more efficiently and effectively.

We do it by streamlining, automating, and accelerating processes that used to be manual, paper-based, and error-prone.

Our President and CEO, Doug Clark, has a visceral loathing for paper – an antipathy born in the chaotic world of Wall Street in the 60s and 70s.

Having seen that industry emerge battered and bruised from its failure to tackle the paper mountain early enough, he now drives Corcentric to prevent the same happening in the world of B2B.

It’s a tough job – and we’re excited to be the ones to tackle it.

Our people

President and CEO
Doug Clark
Executive Vice President and CFO
Mark Joyce
Chief Operating Officer
Matt Clark
Senior Vice President
Dave Lindeen
Vice President of Product Marketing
Rob DeVincent
Vice President of Marketing
Kate Freer
Vice President of Credit
Jeff Grygiel
Vice President of Product Development
Clint Johnston
Vice President of Software Engineering
Jai Sharma
Vice President of Sales
Jim Wright
Our history

Our two paper-hating, efficiency-loving solutions will chew up your manual processes and spit out automated responses to save you money, liberate your finance teams, and let you focus on strategic business initiatives.

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