Accounts Payable (AP) Automation Solutions

AP Process Automation & Accounts Payable Solutions

ZeroTouch Processing in 5 Easy Steps. Or maybe just one.

Corcentric's easy-to-use Web-based accounts payable solutions have the power to eliminate paper and automate your entire AP department, without compromising your business requirements or creating IT hassles. We developed our technology to fit your needs based on a deep understanding of how the AP process really works.

Our accounts payable solutions include built in best practices that streamline your process with features including duplicate invoice verification, customizable automatic invoice routing, and straight-through processing for invoice matching without agent handling. 

If you already have some level of AP automation, we can help you fill in the gaps for maximum efficiency and savings. Or, you can make one call to Corcentric for a comprehensive, end-to-end accounts payable solution.

1. Streamline PO Requisition

Start at the beginning with a fully-automated Smart Routing Electronic Purchase Order.

2. Eliminate Paper Invoices

Go paperless from day one with Electronic Invoicing and Invoice Virtualization services.

3. Automate Invoice Processing

Customize Approval Workflows, Invoice Matching, and Straight Through Processing.

4. Integrate and Connect

Communicate more efficiently with seamless ERP Connectors and a self-service Supplier Portal.

5. Accelerate Payments

Make faster payments electronically and simplify all your Payment Processing.

Consider the Cost of NOT Implementing Accounts Payable Automation

Are there any steps in your current AP workflow which create bottlenecks, inhibit visibility or drive up operations expenditures?

Chances are the answer is yes, since a traditional AP workflow can cost twenty dollars or more per invoice and take around forty days to process. Automated accounts payable solutions, on the other hand, can drive processing costs down to as low as five dollars per invoice and reduce processing time to less than one week.

Removing paper from the invoicing process is one of the greatest benefits of accounts payable automation. This step removes bottlenecks, reduces costs, and dramatically decreases the time spent from initial invoice entry to the time a payment is received.