COR360: Six Components


Automate your entire purchase-to-pay cycle for easier purchasing
and faster invoice processing.

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Electronic Purchase Order

Automate your PO requisition processes for built-in best practices
and increased efficiency.

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Eliminate paper with electronic invoicing and benefit
from an end-to-end accounts payable workflow solution

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Invoice Processing

Accelerate your invoice approval time with three-way matching,
SmartRouting™, and straight through processing

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ERP Integration

Deploy seamless, two-way data exchange between your
ERP and COR360™ – with minimal IT involvement.

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Electronic Payment Solution

Streamline and automate the last step in the invoice chain with our Automated Clearing House.

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COR360 Webinar Series

On-Demand The 5 Hidden Costs of Paper Invoices

Join us for this one-hour Webinar and we’ll reveal just how much the five hidden costs lurking in your paper-flow can hurt your busines.

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On-Demand AP’s Big Issues for 2015: Are You Ready?

Find out what's changed in 2014 and what's coming in 2015

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Successful industries focus on what they do best. By taking your Accounts Payable processes paperless, you’ll free up time, manpower, and working capital.

Higher Education

With teaching staff and students using laptops, tablets, slide presentations, and online resources, it can feel like the back office is the only place where there's still paper.

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Deregulation has led to an incredible boom in the energy business – but new players are continually emerging, so cost control and efficiency are vital to staying agile and competitive.

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Retail companies are challenged daily with the task of managing a high volume of invoices flowing to and from multiple store locations.

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In the transportation sector, anything you can do to streamline your operations and accelerate your business can give you a huge advantage in a highly competitive marketplace.

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In the transport industry connecting truck anufacturers with distributors, dealers, and fleet owners means benefits from straight-through electronic invoicing and dispute resolution, centralized billing, channel finance, and powerful analytics for better business decisions.

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