Accounts Payable

Electronic Payments

Streamline and automate the last step in the invoice chain.

The last step in the invoice automation chain with COR360™ is electronic payment of supplier invoices with ACH or Credit Card payments.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Credit Card payments are faster and less expensive than traditional check-printing and mailing.

Electronic Payments – How it works
For invoices that have been approved for payment to suppliers who can accept ACH or Credit Cards, our ePayment solution can format the payments and automatically notify the bank.

For suppliers who can’t accept ACH or Credit Card payments, Corcentric provides traditional mailroom check mailing services, giving you a  comprehensive solution to your payment needs.

Electronic Payments – The benefits

  • Eliminate time spent on check processing and cutting
  • Save money spent on check printing and postage
  • Foster supplier loyalty by making fast, prompt payments

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