Accounts Payable (AP) Automation & Workflow Services

ERP Connectors that can Integrate with any ERP Connector or Accounting System

Transfer data to and from your financial system with seamless ERP connectors that don't strain your IT resources.

For successful implementation of an Accounts Payable automation solution, AP system and ERP integrations are critical. COR360 integrates with any AP system or ERP connector or accounting system. COR360 seamlessly transmits data to and from your financial system through our proprietary COR360 ERP Business Connectors. This is accomplished with minimal effort from your internal IT staff, as there are no laborious synchronization processes and no complex data extraction algorithms required for integration.

Incoming Connectors

Incoming business connectors allow data to be transmitted electronically to COR360. This ensures that important information such as vendor address book data, PO data, receiving data, and GL chart of account data are in sync between COR360 and your ERP or AP financial system before approved invoices are interfaced back to the ERP systems or AP financial system for payment.

ERP Integration

Outgoing Connectors

Outgoing business connectors allow data to be transmitted electronically from COR360 to your ERP or AP financial system. Once an invoice is matched or approved within COR360, all the required invoice data for matching and payments is integrated electronically to the ERP or AP financial system using COR360’s proprietary Business Connector technology.

ERP Image Link

With our Universal Connection Assistant Link Logic (UCALL), you can image-enable your external legacy systems. The COR360 UCALL link is integrated directly within your ERP or AP system. Whenever you need to drill down on invoice transactional data, you can simply retrieve the corresponding invoice image that resides within COR360.  From the user perspective, the image appears to reside within the ERP or AP system.