Accounts Payable

Electronic Purchase Order

Faster, more efficient purchasing in a cost-effective, cloud-based system.

Manual purchasing processes waste time and money.

COR360™ uses a cloud-based PO Requisition System to manage approval, creation, and electronic submission with built-in best practices and customizable business rules.

Automated PO Requisition – How it works
Automating the entire PO requisiton process allows you to:

  • Generate POs and route them for approval
  • Send approved POs to suppliers for an efficient, paperless process
  • Match invoices and POs to validate price, quantity, and items
  • Track all matched invoices against the PO until the PO is closed

You can customize matching rules in line with your existing business rules, and apply your own tolerances.

Automated PO Requisition – The benefits
With your purchasers and AP team both using the same system, you’ll see huge benefits:

  • Streamline and speed up the PO approval process
  • Quickly resolve discrepancies between POs and invoices
  • Regain control over purchases, payables, and disbursements
  • Increase supplier loyalty with prompt, accurate payments

Plus, your finance systems administrator will benefit from having a single place to manage all the rules and identities associated with your procure-to-pay process.


Purchase Order Requisition workflow

Clearing Up the Cloud Report (TAPN)

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