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CorConnect™ Solution

Manual, high-friction B2B is over. The Collaborative Transaction is here.

CorConnect™ keeps B2B commerce simple by taking the cost, friction, and risk out of doing transactions in a complex B2B ecosystem – for everyone involved.

It’s built for you if you’re fed up with orders going astray; people keying in the wrong data; quoted prices turning out to be inaccurate; tracking down payments; and nobody really knowing what’s going on.

Here’s how CorConnect eliminates the complexity everyone hates.

CorConnect – How it works
If you’re managing a complex supply chain with many buyers and suppliers – such as a National Account model, or a GPO purchasing from many suppliers on behalf of many buyers – we offer a private, closed-loop commerce network with a range of features that just makes things simple:

  • Digitizes financial document exchange across the network
  • Electronically automates transactions between members
  • Matches POs, invoices, and ASNs automatically
  • Automatically validates prices quoted and paid against contracts
  • Handles centralized billing for National Accounts-type business
  • Gives all members an online portal to view their transactions
  • Manages remittances, rebates, credit, collections, and payments
  • Alerts our team of transaction experts to disputes and discrepancies
  • Includes a channel finance capability to lubricate the flow of business
  • Provides powerful transaction analytics to you and your network members

CorConnect – The benefits
CorConnect will do more than build and host your private commerce network. Our team of transaction experts can handle all of the financial accounting tasks associated with doing business in a complex, multi-enterprise supply chain, including:


CorConnect Accounts Receivable automation

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