Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Invoicing software

EDI Invoicing Software for Accounts Receivable

Accommodate your customers with cost-effective, on-demand EDI invoicing and other electronic document exchange services.

Suppliers are increasingly asked to interact with their customers via EDI software or some other electronic data format. To meet this demand, suppliers can either make a huge investment in internal IT systems and personnel, or they can work with a partner.

What is EDI Software?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software provides a digital communication channel for purchase orders and invoices to be sent between organizations. Traditionally, a company created an invoice, which was then printed and mailed for processing. Once the invoice arrived, it was reviewed and ultimately added (usually manually) to the customer’s database.

EDI software can transfer invoice details electronically in a format compatible with both the supplier and the customer. The EDI invoice typically contains all the necessary information, essentially eliminating the traditional paper P.O and Invoice process.

EDI software offers benefits, both in terms of cost savings and a reduction in processing time, more specifically:

  1. EDI software can eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of human interaction required by AR departments during the preparation process.
  2. Companies can reduce costs on materials and postage by transferring information electronically.
  3. EDI processing can greatly reduce document and processing errors.
  4. Cycle times are significantly shorter when compared to the processing time required for paper document exchange.

AR EDI and Electronic Document Exchange Solutions

Corcentric's on-demand EDI invoicing and electronic document exchange automation solutions allow suppliers to meet the needs of their customers without the burden of large IT overhead.

  • EDI software
  • Multi format EDI/electronic invoicing
  • Multi format EDI/electronic PO receipts
  • Multi format EDI/electronic ASN's
  • Direct ERP integration
  • Automated business rule application for electronic documents

EDI Progression

Corcentric understands that not all customers are equipped to accept electronic invoices while others may be demanding it.  Corcentric’s comprehensive EDI software solutions normalize invoices to your customers’ requirements, allowing you to send invoices through any format required by your customers (e-mail, fax, scanned upload, etc.) or through traditional mailed paper invoices.

Our solutions ensure that your customers can go electronic at their own pace while you continue to deliver invoices quickly, accurately, and efficiently.