Automated Accounts Receivable Solutions

National Account Billing & Collection Programs

Electronically coordinate all parties for efficient national account programs with low overhead.

The key to a successful national account billing program is the efficiency with which information flows between the national account program provider, the dealer/distributors network, and the national account customers. Corcentric electronically connects all the parties involved in a national account program which allows for efficient and accurate billing and collections. All of this is accomplished with minimal human and technical resource overhead from the program provider.

Corcentric offers customized services and significant benefits to all parties involved in a national account program.

Program Provider

  • Private labeled Website for complete program management
  • Price file, price sheet, special pricing management
  • Automated price scrubbing
  • Direct integration with dealer/distributor ERP/business systems
  • Web presentment of invoices
  • E-mail, EDI distribution of invoices to national account customers
  • Check, ACH, and credit card payment management
  • Option to outsource all program credit and collections to Corcentric
  • Management of dealer payments/reimbursements
  • Archiving, audit trail, and reporting for all of their program-related activity

Dealer/Distributor Network

  • Electronic submission of transactions (regardless of IT/system capabilities)
  • Quick and consistent timing of reimbursements/payment
  • Access to program Web portal to track, monitor, and report on program related activity

National Account Customers

  • Correctly-priced invoices
  • Timely delivery of invoices delivered in preferred method (EDI, e-mail, etc.)
  • Access to program Web portal to view all program related information (invoices, reports, statements, program pricing)
  • Archiving, audit trail, and reporting for all of their program activity