Channel Finance

Empower channel partners to sell with confidence.

If buyers don’t pay quickly, cash flow suffers. And no matter how healthy a business looks on paper, if the cash dries up, it can’t operate.

That’s why we introduced Channel Finance for distributors and dealers selling through your private commerce network. We pick up the risk of paying distributors and spread confidence across your B2B transaction network.

How it works

Corcentric Channel Finance is the solution to the age-old problem of late payments. We pay your sellers’ invoices, so they get paid faster – giving them confidence in their cash flow, confidence to make bigger sales, and confidence to do more business with your community.

Meanwhile, we take the responsibility and risk for incoming and outgoing payments taking place through the network, including managing credit and collecting payments. We manage:

  • Incoming payments – we can receive and process remittance from buying parties on your behalf, with the ability to handle payments by check, credit card, and Automated Clearing House (ACH).
  • Outgoing payments – if you’re running a National Account or other centralized billing model with us, we can make prompt outgoing payments to sellers under our Channel Finance model, recouping the money from buyers under our credit and collections management service.
  • Reporting – all incoming and outgoing payments are recorded in full with a complete audit trail, so you always stay up to date with the flow of cash through your network.

The benefits

Sellers in your community are paid earlier, keeping their cash flow healthy, while you have the reassurance that payments are being managed accurately and professionally throughout your network. The net effect is:

  • You benefit with visibility into a loyal, motivated, and financially-stable dealer network
  • Sellers have confidence to make large sales and invest in the business
  • Buyers can scale their business faster through better working capital management