Transaction Analytics

Mine the gold in your transaction data.

If you knew which products are going to be next year’s bestsellers, would you plan differently today?

Knowing today’s buying trends puts you in a great position to know what will be hot tomorrow. But transaction data - locked in finance systems and filing cabinets - is impossible to analyze. You need to get all the data into one place.

How it Works

When you automate your transactions with CorConnect , you also get complete, centralized visibility of your entire business. And that’s incredibly powerful information for any manufacturer or group purchasing organization (GPO).

Corcentric centralizes data from all the transactions made through your CorConnect Transaction Engine. When you connect your trading network with us, you can see all the transaction data for your business, using our advanced transaction analytics and vivid dashboards to highlight key trends – season over season and year over year.

The benefits

That centralized view gives you some huge business advantages:


  • Get full visibility into your distributor business, year over year, season over season
  • Forecast demand with a single source of spend data for your entire distributor network
  • Target your marketing with insight into sales, trends, and seasonality


  • Optimize inventory by tracking year over year sales by product and category
  • Enhance customer relationships by understanding their purchasing and contract pricing history
  • Free up working capital by staffing according to data-driven sales cycles

National Accounts:

  • Validate pricing, track timing, and servicing over time
  • Forecast spend using predictive analytics based on actual purchasing history
  • Strategically allocate resources knowing you will purchase product at the right price, every time

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO):

  • Offer powerful, attractive predictive analytics capabilities to members
  • Get full visibility into member activity without adding headcount or increasing IT spend
  • Ease negotiations with suppliers by giving them tools to forecast customer demand