Transaction Community

Manage your GPO or National Account program with ease.

If your business consists of connecting many buyers with many sellers – like a Group Purchasing Organization or National Account program – it pays to make it as easy as possible for all those parties to transact.

Creating a private electronic commerce network not only speeds the flow of business between your buyers and sellers, it also creates a community that you can grow over time.

How it works

When you work with Corcentric to build your private commerce network, you get everything you need to manage your community of electronically-connected buyers and sellers:

  • Private community Web portal: Branded to your business, where everyone can log in to track their transactions, and you can monitor business taking place through the network
  • Supplier onboarding: We’ll connect your buyers’ and sellers’ ERP systems to the network for straight-through invoicing and document exchange
  • Corcentric Transaction Engine: Our one-time-connection technology means buyers and suppliers can connect just once to transact with everyone in the network
  • Program fee administration: If your business model includes joining fees or a fee per transaction, we can manage and collect those fees from your community members
  • Transaction analytics: Our advanced analytics options give you all the data and dashboards you need to understand the flow of business through your network