Private Community Web Portal

Give everyone complete visibility into their transactions.

Chasing the status of invoices and orders ties up precious time in a complex B2B sales environment.

Transaction visibility – current and historical – ensures any issues and holdups are swiftly unblocked.

How it works

With a CorConnect private commerce network, you and your buyers and sellers can all log in securely to a central portal to monitor and track transactions, and get access to reports on current and historical purchasing and spending.

For Buyers and Sellers

Each buyer and seller can log into the portal to:

  • See their own current and historical transactions
  • Get up-to-date information on current status of orders, invoices, and disputes
  • Review any discrepancies and take action
  • Flag any issues for resolution
  • Analyze sales or purchasing trends

For National Accounts or Group Purchasing Organizations

Program managers can log into the portal to:

  • Monitor transaction volumes
  • Configure and manage rebate programs and other member benefits

The benefits

When everyone has access to accurate, up-to-date information about their transactions, great things happen:

  • Buyers and sellers can answer questions without having to call anyone or wait for an answer
  • Finance teams get early notification of discrepancies, enabling prompt investigation
  • Difficult discrepancies can be promptly escalated, leading to faster resolution
  • Advanced reporting can drive decisions on how to optimize purchasing, sales, and marketing