Supplier Onboarding

Get all your suppliers transacting electronically.

Suppliers transacting electronically stand to gain huge benefits

Using CorConnect, suppliers can connect with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to get all the benefits of straight-through processing at low cost and minimal effort.

How it works

Our integration team will work with each seller to connect their ERP system to the CorConnect Transaction Engine:

  • We’ll create a standardized data format for each of their transaction documents (invoices, receipts, ASNs, etc.) so they can be sent and received electronically
  • We’ll specify and configure the transport protocol by which the documents will be exchanged – for example, VANs, FTP, secure FTP, or Web services
  • At the end of the process, we’ll thoroughly test the connections to make sure documents can be converted to electronic data and exchanged smoothly and securely

Once connected, a supplier can immediately send electronic invoices, ASNs, and receipts to every buyer in the network – with no need to connect individually to each one.

The benefits

  • No new software or hardware to install – we can connect 95% of existing ERP systems
  • No integration work required by your sellers – we do it all
  • Connect just once – for the ability to transact electronically with every buyer
  • Fast, efficient onboarding – sellers can be transacting electronically within days
  • Long-term cost savings and efficiency gains from automated electronic transactions