Transaction Engine

Automate transactions throughout your trading network.

The Corcentric Transaction Engine is at the heart of the solution. It turns every transaction in your trading network into standardized data that’s instantly transmitted straight into the relevant system at the receiving company.

How it works

We convert the transaction data from EDI, XML, or flat files, to whichever method is best suited to the systems we’re connecting. No paper, no postage, no input errors, no pricing mix-ups, no delays.

There’s also no software to buy, no skills to learn, and no disruption to your business. We simply connect you and your trading partners to a Corcentric-powered private commerce network; configuring everyone’s systems to send and receive transactions automatically.

The benefits

Within weeks, you and your partners will be exchanging accurate transactional data, instantaneously, and automatically. And you all reap the benefits:

  • Faster everything: from order processing to invoice payment
  • Less admin: with automated matching of invoices /POs /ASNs
  • Confident purchasing: with instant verification of contract prices
  • Better compliance: with automated exception notifications
  • Quick resolutions: with fast and responsive dispute handling
  • Full visibility: with dashboards to analyze YOY spend and sales

…saving everyone money and freeing finance teams to find ways to save even more.