Connect just once to transact with the whole network.

A big barrier to B2B commerce efficiency is painstakingly connecting to one trading partner at a time.

With our OneConnect technology, each of your buyers and sellers has only to connect once to be able to transact with all of the members.

How it works

When a new buyer or seller joins your network, we’ll work with them to get their ERP system connected with OneConnect technology.

OneConnect transforms your buyers’ and sellers’ document data into normalized data that can be exchanged with any other system connected to the Corcentric network.

After that onboarding process, each buyer and seller will be fully set up to send invoices, POs, and/or ASNs in electronic format through the network – to any other member.

The benefits

  • A one-off integration project that’s handled by CorConnect
  • Connect just once to be able to transact with everyone
  • Effortlessly expand your electronic trading network with no further investment in IT