Order Management

Full visibility of transactions – for everyone in your network.

An efficient buyer needs to know when goods are arriving. And a wise supplier needs to know when the invoice will be paid.

That's why every buyer and supplier can log into the CorConnect portal to find instant, self-service answers to key questions.

How it works

Every member of your network can log in securely to a portal, where they can track the status of their own purchase orders, invoices, and ordered items/ASNs.

The portal will flag any discrepancies between PO, invoice, and ASN totals/line items, thanks to our advanced three-way matching – so community members become aware of any issues early, and can escalate them to our dispute resolution team, if needed.

Meanwhile, there’s an extensive menu of reports for individual buyers, buying groups, and suppliers, providing visibility and analysis of historical trends.

For Buyers

  • How much are we buying from each supplier?
  • Which suppliers deliver fastest?
  • Which suppliers fill orders most accurately?

For Suppliers

  • Who are our top buyers?
  • Where are our buyers located?
  • Which items are most in demand?

For Buying Groups

  • Which members are buying the most?
  • Which goods and items are most popular?
  • What are the emerging buying trends?

The benefits

Every network member can easily:

  • Track purchase orders, invoices, and shipping status.
  • Manage matching discrepancies or escalate to dispute resolution.
  • View reports for visibility and analysis of historical trends.

All these features make it valuable for for organizations to join your network and reap the speed and efficiency benefits of automating transactions.