Price File Validation and Contract Compliance

Make sure everyone is charging and paying the right price.

Making sure everyone is charging and paying the correct price is a big challenge in every purchasing or national accounts program.

Pricing disputes and inaccuracies slow down the flow of business, create friction between buyers and suppliers, and take up huge amounts of admin time to resolve.

How it works

CorConnect ensures that every buyer pays the correct price for every item. We work with administrators and managers to:

  • Import catalogue into the B2B commerce network
  • Categorize four dimensions; e.g. manufacturer, part number, part type, price
  • Create and modify price files for individual and groups of items
  • Specify contract pricing terms for individual and groups of buyers
  • Create pricing groups – price files for specific buyer groups or types
  • Set business rules; e.g. markups, markdowns, or rebates

The benefits

CorConnect validates every sent invoice against the price file or contract, matches compliant invoices, and flags discrepancies.

Reporting options show buyers how much they pay for individual items and monitor suppliers’ performance in meeting contracted rates.