Three-Way Matching

Automatic matching of invoices, POs, and ASNs.

Manual matching is one of a finance team’s most time-consuming tasks. Automating the matching process will free up time, speed the flow of business, and improve buyer and seller relationships.

CorConnect accelerates the flow of business in your trading community with automatic three-way matching of POs, invoices, and ASNs.

How it works

Converting invoices, POs, and ASNs into standardized electronic data means you can automatically compare data to match relevant lines – within controlled tolerances – and flag any discrepancies.

Guided by self-set rules, the network will automatically allow matched documents through, while flagging discrepancies and exceptions to relevant buyers and suppliers.

Buyers and sellers can log into the order management portal to view the status of their invoices and POs, and review any unmatched documents that need their intervention or escalate to our expert dispute resolution team.

The benefits

With automated three-way matching, everyone wins:

  • Your buyers and sellers will transact faster
  • Finance teams will be free to focus on growth
  • Wheels of business will turn faster