Transaction Experts

No one knows complex B2B transactions like we do.

Transactions are the oil that lubricates your business. If they get stuck, your business can seize up.

Automating your transactions will speed business flow and create new opportunities for growth. But when everything’s done electronically, you need to know two things: that your transactions are happening fast, securely, and accurately – and that there’s always someone you can call with a question.

Corcentric - The transaction experts

No one has more experience handling complex B2B transactions than Corcentric. Every year, our private B2B commerce networks connect 30,000 buyers and sellers and handle 9.1 million transactions worth more than $12.2 billion.

Here are some of the ways our experts make things easy for you:

  • Network Onboarding: Our integration team will connect you and your partners’ systems to the Corcentric Transaction Engine. We normalize the data formats and transmission methods to get all of you connected, and we’ll thoroughly test the connections to make sure it all works smoothly.
  • Rules Configuration: The Corcentric Transaction Engine is a rules-based system that handles transactions according to a set of rules you specify. We’ll work with you to define these rules, and we’ll configure them for your trading network.
  • Dispute Resolution: Rules can handle many discrepancies automatically, but sometimes you need to talk to a real person. Our team of transaction experts can resolve queries about orders, invoices, remittances, refunds, rebates, or any other transactions going through your Corcentric network.
  • Industry Knowledge: We have decades of experience in complex, channel-based B2B industries, so we’re well-versed in the needs and dynamics of manufacturers, distributors, national accounts, and group purchasing organizations. You can rely on us to understand your pressures and your processes.
  • Data Analytics: Corcentric doesn’t just automate transactions – we give you and your partners full visibility into your spending and purchasing year over year. We’ll work with you to set up the right metrics and dashboards in your Corcentric portal, so you can make full use of that data.