Jim Wright

Vice President of Sales

Jim Wright

Specialist Categories

  • Account receivable
  • Account payable

Jim Wright is Vice President of Sales, has been with Corcentric since 2010.

He has used over 15 years experience of consultative selling experience to lead, develop and manage Corcentric’s offer.

Jim is one of the hosts of Corcentric’s educational Webinar series and blogs on key accounts receivable and accounts payable issues.

Jim's Articles

Unlock the Value of Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts payable is often undervalued as playing a strategic role in the organization. Corcentric’s Definitive Guide to Accounts Payable Automation shows how turning to technology can improve AP’s standing. Find out more in our blog.

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5 Steps to Zero Touch Processing

Read our blog to discover how the 5 steps to zero-touch processing can streamline your entire invoice approval process and remove the chance of human error.

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