AP Automation 2017: The Next Level in Strategy & Innovation

AP Automation 2017: The Next Level in Strategy & Innovation

2016 was a year of big changes for the AP world. Now find out what will wow you in 2017.

The change in the B2B accounts payable landscape has been transformational over the last few years, with 2016 being particularly active in new trends and technologies. The growth in automation solutions, product offerings and fintech (financial technology) providers has created not only greater efficiencies and cost reductions; it has also led to new strategies for growth and revenue.

In a new live webinar, Ardent Partners Chief Research Officer, Andrew Bartolini, joins Jim Wright, Corcentric’s Vice President of Sales, will review the major insights and innovations that made such a difference in 2016 and provide a peek into what big changes may occur in 2017.

This past year, we saw more organizations accepting the value of the cloud for many of their functions, especially those in the finance area. There was also an understanding that the major trends of e-invoicing electronic payments, and mobile applications would continue to grow, providing companies with greater visibility and the data and analytics necessary for growth.

What’s new for 2017?

The major trends, insights, and innovations of 2016 will continue to make their presence felt, but Jim and Andrew will explore how each of these factors will play an even more important role for those in the areas of finance, specifically those in accounts payable. The most influential innovations that will be discussed in detail include:

  • “Smart” invoicing environment
  • Agile reporting dashboards
  • Mobile solutions for invoice approval
  • Integrated payables

Join Andrew and Jim on Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 2pm, ET for Corcentric’s free webinar, AP Automation 2017: The Next Level in Strategy & Innovation.

Register for the webinar and discover how to help your organization take advantage of these growing trends.

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Mike Ruhl | Marketing Manager

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