Blog | March 21, 2017 | by Reggie Peterson

Manual Purchase Orders Shouldn’t be a Rite of Passage

Manual Purchase Orders Shouldn’t be a Rite of Passage

The PO paper maelstrom is not only a waste of time and resources; it also makes managing spend an imprecise, herculean task. But through automation, liberation is imminent.

It is no secret that creating and processing paper purchase orders by hand wastes time and resources. Numerous departments across organizations large and small feel the pain and agony generated from manual purchase orders. In fact, it is hard to rise through the ranks in corporate America without ever being exposed to the purchase order process.

What if completing purchase orders became less of a rite of passage, and more of an easily executable task that wasn’t so complex? Purchase orders completed with automation software makes this possible and will ensure that workers in the future will not be swapping stories of manual purchase orders gone wrong as a means of bonding.

Automating the entire PO process allows you to send approved POs to suppliers in an efficient, paperless way.  Automation promotes the matching of invoices to POs in order to validate price, quantity, and items, while successfully tracking all matched invoices against the PO until the PO is closed, without the aggravation of micromanagement. In addition, the access and real-time visibility afforded by a cloud-based PO requisition system, gives management the data necessary for improved visibility when it comes to spend management for better strategic decision-making.

Despite how slow a manual PO entry may be, you may be hesitant to use automation software for the PO process because that legacy process is an established system that everyone within your organization understands how to use and they are comfortable. Using automation doesn’t mean that your PO process must conform to a software system in order to work seamlessly, nor does it require extensive training of your staff. The entire automated PO process can be configured in line with your existing business rules. When purchasers and the internal AP team use the same system, they reap the following benefits:

  • Streamline and speed up the PO approval process
  • Quickly resolve discrepancies between POs and invoices
  • Regain control over purchases, payables, and disbursements
  • Increase supplier loyalty with prompt, accurate payments

In addition, your finance systems administrator will benefit from having a single place to manage all the rules associated with the procure-to-pay process.

Completing purchase orders doesn’t have to be a nuisance. By using a cloud-based system, the parties responsible for purchase orders across all departments will have an easier time completing the process in an efficient manner, freeing them up to focus on higher value tasks.

See how using a cloud-based PO requisition system will simplify a currently onerous task.