The Payable to Payments Revolution [New Webinar]

November Webinar

There is a revolution taking place in accounts payable automation. Corcentric’s new live webinar will detail why and how you need to be part of the revolution in order to find success.

In today’s global business environment, companies need to avail themselves of technology that will give them a competitive advantage. When it comes to the accounts payable function, those who are most successful and considered leaders are 85 percent more likely than the rest to have enabled full AP automation.

Fortunately, there has been significant growth in purchase-to-pay automation technology and next week, Corcentric will present a live webinar, “The Payable to Payments Revolution,” revealing the ideal solution model and how that will help companies leverage their cash and gain greater control over their working capital.

Join Dan Andrew, Vice President of Strategic Accounts for Corcentric, on Wednesday, November 15th at 2 pm ET/11am PT, as he describes what sets leaders, those who have deployed full AP automation, apart from their competition and how manual and paper-based processes interfere with effectiveness. Andrew offers a step-by-step instruction on moving your AP department forward and the need to have an end-to-end solution that will work for you and your suppliers. You’d discover how to:

  • Identify the ideal AP model based on scale and size of your company
  • Effectively handle both P.O and non-P.O. purchasing through e-invoicing
  • Help suppliers with varying levels of billing sophistication enroll in the solution
  • Integrate payment disbursement in the AP automation model

In addition, Andrew will also show how accelerated payments, through a third party provider will strengthen your cash flow and your supplier relationships. By implementing a supply chain finance accelerated payment solution, your suppliers are paid on time while your payments (which are now paid to the accelerated payments provider) as a buyer are delayed to a later contracted date. This gives you more time to make your cash work for you.

There is definitely a revolution going on in financial process automation. Join now or be left behind are your two options. Attending our webinar is a first step to putting you on the path to success.

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Mike Ruhl | Marketing Manager

Mike Ruhl is Marketing Manager for Corcentric and oversees marketing of Corcentric and their financial process automation solutions.

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