How to Reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) Without Any Capital Investment.

Drive down DSO and fix it permanently to as low as 15 days. Immediately improve cash flow and liberate working capital from your accounts receivable ledger.

Secure payments with a non-recourse guarantee, protecting you against bad debt. Do all of this without the need for up-front capital investment, increased headcount or management distractions.

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Reduce DSO

Reduce DSO permanently by fixing payments to your preferred number of days. With Corcentric’s technology-enabled managed services, you can drive down DSO quickly without the risk to customer service associated with factoring or outsourcing collections.

Liberate Working Capital

Unlock working capital from your AR ledger to invest in growth today. Gain a strategic injection of cash, without the need for capital investment; simply pay for this service with a small percentage of the liberated working capital.

Eliminate Bad Debt

No more days-beyond-terms and no more bad debt; all invoices are guaranteed for payment within your specified number of days. Corcentric absorbs the cost and risk of any customers defaulting on payments.

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“Partnering with Corcentric has consistently enabled us to not only achieve significant processing efficiencies, but to have the visibility to identify customer trends, forecast spend, and develop strategic initiatives that actually improve our working capital.”

~ Richard Simons, Daimler Truck

Daimler Truck North America

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