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Managing Indirect Spend:
Procurement Transformation

Procurement Transformation Advisory Services from The Strategic Sourcing Book Team

The authors of the Strategic Sourcing Book Managing Indirect Spend are veterans and innovators in the Procurement profession, and their company, Corcentric Management Services, provides procurement and sourcing groups with the advice and framework they need to elevate their people, processes, and technology to reach best-in-class status- a process we call Procurement Transformation.

Existing State Analysis and Opportunity Assessment

Our goal is to take your procurement operations to the next level – beginning with first understanding your organization’s current state and defining the end-state vision. Our procurement transformation experts start by evaluating your organization’s existing supply management activities, including people, processes, technology, and metrics to develop a baseline and point of comparison to industry standards. During this phase, typical procurement transformation activities include stakeholder interviews, review of contracts and processes, and data analysis, all with the objective of identifying areas for improvement and delivering an Opportunity Assessment.

Leveraging our proprietary market intelligence and decades of procurement expertise, our procurement transformation advisors will then benchmark your organization’s existing supply management practices against similar profiles companies and industry best-practices. The result? A thorough evaluation of areas of improvement for your procurement organization, along with an estimated impact of the results. With our Opportunity Assessment, you will gain a clear description of what is working well for your supply management operations, as well as specific recommendations for optimizing processes, enhancing human capital management, and reducing costs.

Procurement Transformation Roadmap

Following the Opportunity Assessment, our procurement transformation advisors will provide you will a Transformation Roadmap, a detailed guide for achieving your desired end-state vision. Whether your goal is to reduce costs across specific spend categories, develop new training programs, implement best-practices, or initiate process-oriented improvements, our experts will show you step-by-step how to get the job done.

The Procurement Transformation Roadmap includes not only how to achieve your goals, but also presents the business case for why. Including a timeline for results, this Procurement Transformation guide provides several different options that illustrate how quickly the transformation can take place, as well as the different level of resources required, and anticipated return on investment. We understand the criticality of stakeholder engagement in launching supply management transformative programs which is why our roadmap makes the business case for investing in these initiatives, outlining both the level of commitment necessary, and the benefits of achieving your procurement goals.

Procurement Transformation Advisory and Guidance

Each step of the way, our procurement transformation advisors are available to effectively guide you through the process of optimizing your supply management operations. Knowledge transfer is a crucial component to our approach, which means we ensure your coaching and mentoring needs are identified and addressed as the procurement transformation progresses. Offering flexible support, our procurement transformation consultants are available at your convenience for extensive guidance such as providing on-site review and assistance, or via light-touch communications such as routine calls and video conferencing, depending on your organizational needs.

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