3 Finance Trends Everyone Should Know

Technology has revolutionized how businesses manage their cash flow and monitor their spend, transforming how to process invoices, billing, payments, and procurement. Executives today need to not only stay on top of how technology is shaping their financial processes, but how they can transfer the benefits of fintech to their customers.

During this webinar, Mark Brousseau, IOFM’s Managing Director of Advisory Services will reveal three trends that are reshaping finance organizations.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • 3 trends that are reshaping the finance organization
  • The evolving priorities of senior finance executives
  • The role of accounts payable in the emerging accounts payable environment
  • Show how accounts payable drive corporate profitability, growth and innovation
  • Provide an action plan for accounts payable professionals for achieving these goals

Download the webinar now, 3 Finance Trends Everyone Should Know.

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