Competitive Landscape: Supplier e-Invoicing Software 2020 from Gartner

Learn why process automation, global compliance, and supplier engagement are equally vital to both procurement and finance.

Gartner Supplier e-Invoicing Software 2020

What the report covers:

The major, ongoing global business disruption has proven once again that an automated, digitized e-invoicing process is essential for maintaining business continuity and cash flow, especially with the confines of a remote workforce.

As the Competitive Landscape: Supplier e-Invoicing Software, 2020 report from Gartner makes clear, “Supplier e-invoicing software applications have become more mature as manual processes are increasingly deemed inadequate.” 1

But mere automation and digitization are no longer enough, for either Procurement or Finance teams.

To that end, the Gartner report identifies and explores three critical forces that are driving and shaping a more advanced development and maturity of the supplier e-invoicing solution category, and how companies like Corcentric are keeping pace. These trends are:

  1. Technology: Advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning enable supplier e-invoicing software solutions to do more, faster, by leveraging data
  2. Compliance: Governments worldwide are implementing a range of mandatory e-invoicing policies for B2B transactions, adding major complexity to software needs
  3. Outcomes: Business leaders now expect e-invoicing software to help drive goals like cost reduction, increased productivity, and supplier engagement, among others

The capabilities of the e-invoicing solution your company uses have enormous impact at both the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable ends of the process. To learn what Gartner believes are the key drivers for e-invoicing and how Corcentric can help, read the full report.

1. Gartner, Competitive Landscape: Supplier e-Invoicing Software, 2020, Balaji Abbabatulla, Kaitlynn Sommers, Micky Keck, 20 July 2020
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