A Finance Leader’s Guide to Finding and Fixing Weak Links Throughout the Supply Chain

Gone are the days when achieving alignment between procurement and finance was only an aspirational goal. As the cumulative effects of pandemics, climatological disasters, and tariffs disrupt and threaten to destroy supply chains, procurement has become an increasingly vital aspect of a company’s financial health.

To assess the risks and costs of maintaining a supply chain, a finance leader requires full visibility into a company’s procurement processes. By collaborating with colleagues in procurement, and by applying the latest advances in technology, a finance leader can diagnose vulnerabilities at each stage of the procurement cycle. In so doing, a finance leader can inform a company’s understanding of the circumstances when it should aim to attain economies of scale by consolidating suppliers or aim to mitigate risks by expanding its network of suppliers.

What you will learn:

  • Which supply chain risks represent top concerns among finance leaders
  • What technological advances are enabling finance leaders to improve visibility into every stage of the procurement cycle
  • How to collaborate with colleagues, including those in procurement, to recognize and remediate vulnerabilities throughout the entire supply chain

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