Alternative Finance: Market Update, Treasury Considerations by Spend Matters

Finance Options for Sellers Have Never Been More Plentiful…or More Confusing

In the B2B market, buyers have a wide range of solutions available, from purchase to pay (P2P), supplier management, e-invoicing and more that provide greater control over working capital. But for those searching for liquidity on the seller side options for alternative financing, though growing, are less mature.

These new sources of finance, through a variety of cloud-based e-commerce type platforms, will enable sellers to have an accurate accounting of where each invoice is in the process. The finance provider can then pay the seller based on those invoices promptly and collect the revenues due from the buyer at an agreed-upon date.

However, with multiple options for financing available, which would work best for your business?

  • Would e-factoring best suit your business or should you be considering supply chain finance?
  • Is dynamic discounting the answer to your cash flow or would p-cards be a better answer?
  • How are the constraints imposed by traditional finance sources different from those of alternative finance?

Download the white paper  and discover how businesses of all sizes are finding new and innovative ways to fund receivables.