Buyer’s Guide to AP Automation: 2019 Planning Guide

Navigating the Roads to Accounts Payable Automation

Automating accounts payable is a top priority of financial leaders.  And for good reason: 22 percent of all accounts payable time is wasted or spent on tasks that can be automated.  But making sense of the dizzying array of accounts payable technologies and approaches to automation is overwhelming.  Choosing the wrong solution can undermine an otherwise rock-solid business case for automation.

This webinar will eliminate the confusion around accounts payable automation and help ensure that your organization chooses the right technology and automation approach for its unique needs. Join us as our guest speaker, Mark Brousseau, IOFM’s Managing Director of Advisory Services, will show participants:

  • The biggest barriers to accounts payable automation and how to overcome them
  • How to accurately assess your organization’s business needs and priorities
  • The pros and cons of different approaches to accounts payable automation
  • Critical factors to consider when evaluating accounts payable solutions
  • Key considerations for choosing the right solutions provider

There is an accounts payable automation solution to meet every organization’s business and technical needs.  This webinar will provide you with a tested road map for selecting the right one.