Changing Roles when Automating P2P by PayStream Advisors

Achieving Goals across the Organization with P2P Automation

Procurement issues are paramount to the improvement goals of most organizations. They want cost control, spend visibility, integration of their AP within the procurement process, and data accuracy, according to research from PayStream Advisors. But how do the various players involved with procurement work together to make it happen? Download the white paper, “Changing Roles when Automating P2P,” for actionable advice on how procurement roles factor into long-term productivity and success.

The paper delves into the experiences of several hundred procurement and AP professionals who are looking at P2P automation as a way to achieve their goals from one electronic platform. As a result of implementing automation software, each role along the procurement chain benefits in a variety of ways, including:

  1. AP specialists can focus on high-level tasks.
  2. Directors can champion new cost-saving initiatives.
  3. Suppliers receive real-time communication.
  4. CEOs can check on the status of the organization’s finances at any time.

Download this PayStream Advisors white paper for a breakdown of how current trends and roles in P2P automation will positively impact the overall organization.