Case Study

Doosan Bobcat: Supply-Chain Cash Flow

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What the case study will cover:

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Manufacturing and distributing machinery at the scale of Doosan’s operations is only possible when there is a continuous and reliable flow of cash back into the business. Where these accounts receivable processes had previously relied upon manual operations and paper-based delivery, problems with any aspect of the service would have had far-reaching ramifications.

This case study outlines the success Doosan Bobcat have had using Corcentric EIPP (previously known as Netsend) to send invoices and statements on a daily basis, improving payment timeframes and maintaining a healthy cash flow.

What you will learn:

  • the challenges Doosan Bobcat faced before they sought out Corcentric EIPP
  • how Corcentric EIPP fits into their day-to-day accounts receivable function
  • the impact of Corcentric EIPP on cash flow and efficiency