Distributor Finance – A New Take on an Untapped Market by Spend Matters

Distributor Finance—A New Take on an Untapped Market by Spend MattersDistributor financing has not materially evolved in terms of its servicing, pricing, or market participants. Isn’t it time? Instead of using receivables-based finance programs or financing inventory and receivables, cloud-based e-commerce platforms provide a more efficient way of managing B2B commerce. Download this new white paper from Spend Matters to discover the shifting dynamics that will drive distribution finance options.

Spend Matters sees a large opportunity for connected seller-centric platforms to facilitate data and document flow in OEM/Dealer/Vendor/Distributor and GPO structures. Third-party providers offer risk management or logistics support to broaden such a solution.

The benefits of seller-centric connected B2B platforms include:

  • Efficient flow of data and documents
  • Superior sales growth for OEMs
  • Vendors, dealers, & distributors can more effectively manage cash flow
  • Decreased risk through real-time information

Download the white paper today to learn how the use of electronic B2B platforms can transform the supply chain.