Case Studies

Dot Transportation finds the recipe for sustainable growth

Dot Transportation is the nation’s largest food distributor with multiple locations and a complex coast-to-coast supply chain. With such an expansive network, the company was looking for ways to reduce cost but not at the expense of operational consistency. Corcentric showed Dot Transportation that it was possible to expand their footprint while keeping their operations lean. This began a 12-year partnership, with Corcentric providing Dot Transportation with tailored solutions in three specific areas:

  • Product selection: Smarter choices based on the lifetime value of a wide range of materials resulted in savings and better overall cost of ownership.
  • Strategic supplier management: The aggregated purchasing power of Corcentric’s 2,000+ customers enabled Dot Transportation to increase their buying power and their ability to negotiate with vendors.
  • Financial process automation: Corcentric’s centralized paperless e-commerce billing and workflow solution helped ensure every Dot Transportation location is buying the right product at the right price.

See how Dot Transportation was able to reduce costs and maintain operational efficiency. Download the case study.