How to Transform your P2P Function into a Business Growth Engine

Businesses of all sizes are bullish on their chances for revenue growth in the United States. They expect that a strengthening economy will lead to revenue, sales, and profit growth in the year ahead.

The finance department is primed to play a big role in making these rosy projections a reality. They are expanding beyond being a traditional back-office role into strategic activities that impact business growth.

Join this on-demand webinar and learn how to evolve the procure-to-pay function from a tactical, back-office task to an engine for business growth. Our host, Mark Brousseau, President of Brousseau & Associates, will detail:

  • Reasons businesses are bullish on their prospects for growth
  • Four ways procure-to-pay automation drives business growth
  • Friction caused by inefficient and ineffective procure-to-pay processes
  • An action plan for turning procure-to-pay into a growth engine

If you want to raise the strategic standing of procure-to-pay, you can’t miss this one.

View the webinar.