Invoice Receipt Management Report 2015 by PayStream Advisors

Invoice Receipt Management Report -body Image

Organizations want to reduce labor, processing costs, and errors in their Accounts Payable departments. To achieve those savings, more than half of those surveyed in this report from PayStream Advisors are considering an electronic invoicing solution. However, challenges in integration arise because suppliers are reluctant to adopt e-invoicing. Download “Invoice Receipt Management Report 2015” to read about current market trends in e-invoicing, the benefits of technology, and how a hybrid solution can accommodate those hesitant suppliers.

Electronic invoices are among the least received formats in invoice processing today. Yet, invoices are the most efficient way to manage B2B invoicing. PayStream Advisors details how businesses can digitize paper-based documents through Optical Scanner Recognition (OCR) technology.  The report also outlines a strategy for managing an automation approach, which includes:

  • Targeting all suppliers
  • Implementing a diverse mix of invoice receipt methods
  • Using a B2B network with supplier value
  • Steadily moving away from manual processes
  • And much more

Get the report to learn more about the best way to implement e-invoicing solutions.