Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2020

The disruptive days of 2020 have placed CPOs and their teams directly in spotlight – and on the front lines – as they tackle critical global issues and navigate key opportunities with agility and poise.

As uncertainty in supply chains continue, CPOs must continue to provide strong leadership and innovative strategies that will ensure business continuity. In this new volatile procurement world, performance still matters, but the metrics to measure that performance have changed.

That’s why we invite you to watch Corcentric and Ardent Partners for our live webinar, Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2020. Andrew Bartolini, Founder and Chief Research Officer of Ardent Partners, and Constantine Limberakis, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Analyst Relations at Corcentric, will explore Ardent’s annual state-of-the-market report, and share this year’s best and most widely used procurement benchmarks.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The best and most widely used procurement benchmarks
  • How procurement metrics have shifted from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Key strategies empowering CPO’s to build resilience and ensure business continuity
  • The latest procurement technologies and their adoption rates

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