Purchase-to-Pay for Professional Services by PayStream Advisors

Professional services—like engineering, financial services, marketing, architecture, consulting, and public relations, among others—depend on innovation to stand out. Yet, recent research by PayStream Advisors in “2016 Purchase-to-Pay for Professional Services Report” found that almost three-quarters of this industry do not use purchasing software.

The next question becomes: Why not automate? This PayStream report shows that invoice automation adoption is often halted by financial concerns, while procurement tools have trouble gaining executive support. Yet, there are ways to help your company take advantage of holistic P2P solutions that easily streamline both purchasing and invoice management. Download this white paper today to learn how a fully automated process from requisition to payment can benefit your company in the following areas:

  • Spend Management
  • Procurement
  • Supplier Management
  • E-payments
  • Accounts Payable
  • Order Management

You’ll not only learn how to overcome the obstacles to automation adoption, but how to choose the best procurement automation solution for your organization.