Remote Business Continuity

Periods of business disruption are increasing in both frequency and intensity, which presents enormous challenges to continuity for all types of organizations. Compounding this disruption is often the requirement for businesses to create — instantly — a fully connected remote workforce.

Corcentric is here to help you leverage smarter Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) services and technology designed to improve working capital, increase business agility and reduce operating costs. More importantly, our digital EIPP solutions empower remote workforces to maintain business as usual, no matter how unusual the circumstances.

Invoicing is universal to all organizations — and very necessary. If it’s disrupted, then the impacts to cash flow and the ability to maintain business continuity are immediate and dramatic. That’s why customers rely on Corcentric’s EIPP to process more than $240 billion in transactions every year.

In this short on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment helps:

  • Solve for complex billing needs
  • Provide complete visibility and tracking
  • Supports multi-channel distribution requirements
  • Works across all global regions and languages
  • Maintains regulatory archiving and compliance

Download this on-demand webinar, then Contact Us to learn how we can help your company right now.