The Impact of Indirect Spend on Working Capital by

If you don’t have full visibility into your company’s spend, how can you reliably forecast future outlays? You can’t…and that makes it difficult to effectively manage your working capital. Automation enhances both visibility and control, yet 71 percent of companies surveyed lack an e-procurement solution, according to an AmeriQuest Survey.

A billion-dollar company will waste about $15 million annually due to a lack of control over its procurement processes, so how much is this problem costing you?

This CFO white paper points to the telltale signs that your company has an indirect procurement problem and suggests ways to solve it.  Does your company:

  • Have insufficient knowledge of how much is being spent for all purchases?
  • Focus on rebates rather than negotiating better upfront pricing?
  • Use too many suppliers which is an indication your sourcing procedures are flawed?

Download this free white paper and discover how to control your indirect spend and improve management of your working capital. Growing profitability starts here!