White Paper

Technology Winners and Losers – the Business Case for E-invoicing

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What the white paper will cover:

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In this document, we look back on paradigm shifts in business technology over the last few decades, and how these have yielded winners and losers.

It is our firm belief that the digital transformation of business presents a strong need to move to electronic document distribution, and embrace niches within this such as e-billing or e-invoicing.  Our clients are already experiencing competitive advantage from being able to operate in such a manner.  It won’t be long before the winners and losers in this space become clear too.

What you will learn:

  • how previous paradigm shifts in technology have resulted in business successes and failures
  • what is changing in the field of e-invoicing and how this can benefit businesses
  • how to embrace e-invoicing and ensure your business is a winner, not a loser, as this technology grows in use