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Benefits And Insurance Strategic Sourcing and Cost Reduction Services

Corcentric can provide you the resources for retirement, risk management and insurance cost-reduction services.

Our team helps our clients overcome many of the issues that businesses face when entering into insurance/benefits procurement projects. Our team will help you move into the multi-trillion dollar industry by sourcing nationally (not locally) and will work hand-in-hand to ensure that your business overcomes complacency, fear-of-change and market inefficiencies that drive price differentials in P&C, Group Benefits and 401(k) retirement costs.

Our services give you confidential and immediate access to new market intelligence and improve program coverage, service and pricing. Corcentric will provide a final report that clearly compares our findings to your existing program, giving you the leverage you need to effectuate profitable change without disturbing existing relationships, if desired.

Our strategic sourcing services for insurance and benefits:

Clients engage Corcentric to expand their resources and gain access to new intellectual capital. We provide you with the tools to test your existing relationships confidentially and determine coverage inaccuracies and assist in initiating improvement plans. Our services help you save time, while creating savings and increasing profitability.

Procurement Solutions

Contingency Based Services

With our contingency based strategic sourcing services, your organization can greatly reduce its insurance and benefits costs without taking on the risk and expense of high-priced consultants.

Contingency Based Strategic Sourcing Services

Benefits and Insurance Market Intelligence

Our systems and databases provide us access to thousands of insurance brokers, advisors and administrators. Read more about our proprietary systems.

Expert Systems

Getting Cost Reduction Results

Our goal is to increase the qualitative aspects of procured goods and services, while reducing the overall cost to our customer.

Strategic Sourcing Results

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