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Corcentric Management Services provides custom strategic sourcing, procurement, and category management solutions in lieu of, or in addition to, a Group Purchasing Organization.

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) can be integral partners for sourcing and purchasing supplies or services by leveraging buying power to drive down costs from the supply base in exchange for increased volume.  Under a standard Group Buying model, Procurement organizations realize the savings the GPO obtains through their portfolio.  While volume and buying power can produce savings, they do not take into consideration the unique requirements of individual members.

While GPO models offer tangible benefits, companies should also consider GPO alternative Procurement and Strategic Sourcing solutions when determining the best fit spend management program.

Corcentric Management Services is one of the few Procurement Services Providers able to supplement or substitute a Group Buying Organization.  As an alternative cost reduction solution to a GPO, Corcentric acts as a true extension of your Procurement and Strategic Sourcing group to provide flexible Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, and Category Management support across a broad range of direct spend and indirect spend categories.  We extend coverage to many areas Group Buying Organizations lack within their purview, acting as a well-equipped Group Purchasing Organization alternative.

Our team of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing subject matter experts will do the heavy lifting of a Group Purchasing Organization, identifying and securing suppliers unique to your needs, and managing contracting and negotiations while also monitoring for compliance, delivering strategic solutions to mitigate risks.  In the instance your organization is already using a Group Purchasing model, Corcentric can supplement the GPO services to identify spend areas where you should be buying off of your GPO agreements, and can negotiate further pricing concessions.

Determining whether a Group Purchasing Organization is the right fit?  A GPO solution may not solve your spend management challenges if any of the following apply to your organization:

Whether you’re considering using a Group Buying Organization, want to supplement or replace your current GPO, or simply want to explore alternative cost reduction solutions, contact our Strategic Sourcing and Procurement experts today to discuss your category management options.

Sourcing a GPO

Case Study

If you decide that a GPO model is the right fit for your spend management needs, Corcentric’s GPO strategic sourcing experts can help you partner with a GPO best suited for your category management needs.


A regional health system and academic medical center needed to meet aggressive cost savings targets for their fiscal year and gain greater transparency into spend activity.  The organization engaged Corcentric to determine the appropriate sourcing strategy to achieve the following objectives:


Corcentric conducted a sourcing event to identify the best-fit Group Purchasing Organization.  Multiple GPO offerings were evaluated based on spend under membership, shareback percentage, standardization rebates, specialty programs, spend analytics and benchmarking tools, networking opportunities, and other program value adds.  Corcentric provided decision support throughout the sourcing and selection process, and completed a detailed analysis to demonstrate quantitative and qualitative benefits available through each GPO arrangement.

At the completion of final negotiations, the organization realized $10M in savings.

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