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Corcentric SpendConsultant

The SpendConsultant Difference

SpendConsultant was always going to be different. We don’t come from a software development background. We’ve instead spend our lives conducting strategic sourcing and spend management initiatives for our clients. These engagements have helped us learn what Procurement professionals need from a spend analysis tool. That means SpendConsultant provides the data and information your team actually cares about rather than the bells and whistles that only drive up the costs of other solutions.

SpendConsultant is different because the Corcentric team is different. Sure, we’ve got plenty of seasoned pros who transitioned into consulting after careers in the industry. We’ve also got our share of classically-trained consultants hailing from the ATKearneys and Deloittes of the world. Unlike other providers, however, our claim to fame, our experience, and ultimately our procurement success, isn’t predicated on a few Big 5 alums. No, Corcentric is a team, a REAL team. We’re a team of professionals who’ve sourced thousands of events together since 1992. We’ve perfected our processes, cataloged our best practices, and collaboratively developed strategic sourcing strategies and category management datasets that we’ve proven successful. That’s why we’re able to deliver a tool that offers much more than simple reports.

What Makes SpendConsultant Different?

  • Opportunity Assessment – an optional module that enriches your spend data with category sourcing strategies, market intelligence, savings opportunity estimators and strategic sourcing levers.
  • Strategic Sourcing Focused Taxonomy – As sourcing professionals, we know that generic taxonomies like UNSPSC or SIC might be useful for accountants. For Procurement teams, however, they leave a lot to be desired. We built our own taxonomy that focuses on identifying real strategic sourcing opportunities rather than regurgitating a generic classification.
  • Sourcing Professional Review – Any Data that gets uploaded to SpendConsultant is reviewed and vetted by the strategic sourcing experts at Corcentric. These are actual U.S. employees who perform actual strategic sourcing projects. They’re not computers, or a bunch of offshore resources that simply perform data entry. Corcentric’s team are real Pros who know how data should be used and classified.
  • We’re Fast – Our decades of performing strategic sourcing projects have left us with lots of raw data. We use that data to build algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to help expedite our data cleaning and classification process. And because we don’t need to integrate with your IT groups; we can move incredibly quickly. Most spend analysis events are turned around in 4 to 8 weeks.
  • Not IT Dependent – We don’t integrate into your ERP systems. We’re fine just working with raw data. That means that as long as we can get at least one data dump from your ERPs, we can get moving. In fact, we can work with as little as a supplier name and a spend amount. Working independently of your IT department means faster implementation. It also often lowers the amount of signatures or approvals you need to get started.
  • Flexible Pricing – First, we’re a lot less expensive than most of the competition. Why? Because we built a tool that has the features and functions that procurement actually needs, nothing else. Because we keep the tool lean, we can keep our pricing low. We’re not concerned with being in the upper-right of the Magic Quadrant. We’re concerned with delivering you an actionable spend analysis at a fair price in a timely manner. We’re flexible also flexible when it comes to payment. We offer subscriptions, one-time fee options, periodic refreshes, and even a reimbursement plan that drives the cost to zero for companies that engage Corcentric for ongoing support.


Unparalleled strategic sourcing and category management knowledge.

SpendConsultant was developed and is actively maintained by the procurement and strategic sourcing consultants at Corcentric. Corcentric is one of the most mature and well-regarded procurement service providers in the world. Since 1992, their strategic sourcing experts have serviced over 300 clients and conducted well over 10,000 individual strategic sourcing projects.