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Corcentric SpendConsultant

Strategic Sourcing Focus

SpendConsultant was designed with Strategic Sourcing in mind.

We’ll admit it, there are plenty of spend analysis solutions. In fact, the market is starting to get a bit saturated with them. So why did Corcentric, the leading procurement services provider, set out to create yet another spend analysis tool? Because we know that none of the other spend analysis resources were designed specifically for use by Procurement and Strategic Sourcing professionals.

The procurement consultants at Corcentric know spend management. We’ve conducted thousands and thousands of sourcing events and have managed billions in spend over the past few decades. In recent years, we’ve looked for the best spend analysis tools to help our clients manage their purchasing and plan future cost reduction opportunities. What we’ve found is, while there are some great spend analysis tools out there, none of them really give procurement teams exactly what they want.

We built SpendConsultant to bridge that gap by focusing our efforts in 4 critical areas:

  • A Procurement-Focused Taxonomy – We’ve devised a method for categorizing spend into buckets that actually make sense to a category manager or strategic sourcing analyst.
  • A Rapid Turn-Around -Llengthy software implementations cost money in more ways than one. Each day you can’t explore your data, you’re potentially overpaying for a product or service that could be better managed. We aim to turn around our analysis in as little as one or two months. That way, you can get to work saving money.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Spend Analysis tools can be expensive. This is doubly true for the traditional tools that integrate into your ERP platforms. To make matters worse, it’s not just the licensing and implementation fees you need to worry about. You must also account for any upgrades to the tools or your ERP platforms, maintaining a Master Data Management, and a slew of other hidden costs. SpendConsultant is different. We offer low-cost solution and flexible plans with no minimum annual licenses. We even offer a free solution to Corcentric’s strategic sourcing clients.
  • Ease of Use – You want your procurement people to focus on procurement. So why do many tools force your team to contend with cost accounting codes, general ledgers, and other highly-technical details? SpendConsultant takes the pain out of spend analysis. Simply log-in to see your spend.

SpendConsultant was designed by strategic sourcing professionals for strategic sourcing professionals. If you’re looking for inventory analysis, pricing variances , or tie-ins to your SRM and VMS modules, this isn’t the right solution for you. We’ll be happy to identify the tool you’re looking for.

What SpendConsultant can do is help you make great sourcing decisions and develop strategies in a rapid and cost effective manner. We know how to group suppliers and spend categories into actionable categories. where Sure, we might not have all the bells and whistles of those “other guys.”  Don’t forget, however, that we’re a fraction of the price, give you exactly what you need, and can do everything much, much faster.

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