Corcentric SpendConsultant

Visualizing Your Spend

Visualizing your Spend is Easy.

Data visualization technologies have come a long way. The days of static pie charts and bar graphs are long gone. These days, Procurement teams need access to dynamic and interactive reporting. SpendConsultant provides just that. The site leverages some of the most cutting-edge data visualization tools available. These are the front-end to a complex series of databases and algorithms that Corcentric has built over more than two decades.

SpendConsultant’s spend analysis module provides a series of interactive visuals that enable you to closely analyze both direct and indirect spend.

The spend analysis platform helps answer these questions:

  • Which suppliers are we spending money with?
  • Who is spending money at my company?
  • Is our supply base optimized to the size or complexity of the spend category?
  • What am I really spending?
  • Where do I overlap with suppliers?
  • Where do my spend owners overlap?
  • Where can I aggregate vendors?
  • Is the spend the right size for a company of our size?
  • Which location or business unit spends the most?
  • How many suppliers are we leveraging?
  • Where do we have duplicate suppliers?
  • And much, much more.

Spend Consultant’s user-friendly spend analysis platform provides access to a customized web portal to analyze your company’s historical spend data.

With just a few clicks, you can assess the following:

  • Spend by Category
  • Spend by Sub-Category
  • Spend by Supplier
  • Spend by Business Unit
  • Mapped Spend by Location or Geography
  • Spend Over Time
  • Spend Comparisons of Timelines
  • Spend Key Performance Indicators
  • Raw classified Data Exports

You can even export your raw data complete with our procurement taxonomy mapping into a CSV or XLS file for later use.

We believe that SpendConsultant offers one of the most intuitive and user-friendly spend analysis services on the market. We’re sure you’ll feel the same.