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Get Help Crafting a Winning RFP Response with Corcentric RFP Response Consulting Services

Leverage Corcentric’s decades of experience crafting procurement and sourcing events and learn what it takes to develop a compelling proposal or business-winning RFI/RFP response.

While price is an important part of any company’s buying decision, it is frequently not the number one criteria. Buyers want to know that their suppliers are responsive to their needs, innovative, have good quality products and services; and ultimately that their suppliers will be good business partners with them in the future. While your sales team might know your solutions inside and out, and may even be familiar with the competition, do you really know what it takes to win an RFP process?

Corcentric can help. We’ve conducted thousands of sourcing and RFX events for dozens of companies. We know what companies are looking for outside of price, and can help you craft an RFP response that helps win business.

Your company employs a variety of techniques to market its products and services to potential customers, including advertising, trade shows, sponsorships, and cold calls. You have your strategy locked, you have all your sales collateral ready to deploy, and your website is showing up for queries on search engines… But when a prospect sends you a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a Request for Information (RFI) with strict format requirements, you likely won’t be allowed to submit any of that polished marketing collateral and will need to craft an RFP winning response in a quick turnaround.

Solicitation in the form of RFI and RFP continue to be a preferred method for businesses to qualify the pricing and quality offered by the prospective suppliers of their desired products and services. RFPs allow businesses to establish a scorecard upon which they can conduct an “apples-to-apples” assessment of prospective suppliers. By limiting or narrowing of format, length, and parameters of responses, businesses can ensure they make the most balanced decision and mitigate their contracting risk. But when faced with these limitations, your company can struggle to communicate its value to the customer in a way that stands apart from the competition.

As the premier procurement services provider, Corcentric has conducted thousands of sourcing events and designed just as many RFPs. Side-by-side with its clients, Corcentric evaluates multitudes of proposals to secure the highest quality services at the best prices and terms and conditions. Having used every common sourcing and procurement software platform ourselves, we have insider knowledge into the scoring criteria and handling parameters. As a provider of services, Corcentric also has spent decades refining and honing its own approach to proposals and RFI/RFP Responses. Backed by this experience, we know the qualities that make exceptional proposals that compel companies to engage suppliers. We also know, therefore, the qualities that make poor proposals that get no second glance.

Trust Corcentric’s sourcing event expertise to help you:

  • Discriminate true opportunities from less promising “three bid and buy” solicitations
  • Present your company in the best possible bidding light
  • Develop a competitive pricing model based on our dynamic market intelligence and benchmarking
  • Highlight your strengths and overcome your weaker points
  • Capitalize on opportunities for creativity in responding
  • Decipher and interpret sub-text
  • Prepare for negotiations
  • Create a lasting positive impression for the potential customer

It’s important to note that not even the most polished and thorough RFP responses and proposals win the business 100% of the time. But using Corcentric’s RFP response consulting services, you can rest assured you’ve got the best chance there is at landing the sale. Contact our proposal experts today to establish the right structure and environment to put your best foot forward.

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