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Accounts Payable Automation

Whether you are a small business or a large public enterprise, automating your accounts payable process, end-to-end, eliminates costly, time-consuming manual tasks. That’s where our accounts payable automation software comes in. Cor360 Payables Automation solution gives you the power to manage 100% of your invoices electronically, reducing invoice processing cost by up to 80% and unlocking the strategic value of AP automation from day one. Remove bottlenecks, establish compliance, and improve supply chain visibility with Cor360 Payables Automation.


on day 1

Standardize the coding and approval workflow so your AP teams can move invoices from receipt to payment faster, and with fewer errors.


Full visibility
into 100%
of invoices

With 24/7 accessibility and visibility, you always view invoice status in real time, relieving those pain points that inhibit efficiency and accuracy.


Automated payments eliminate manual checks

Effortless integration with your existing ERP platform ensures greater accuracy and timeliness of payments, freeing up your team for more strategic endeavors.


Decisions based
on real-time and historical data

A wide range of on-demand reporting capabilities provides the information necessary to gain greater control over your cash flow and working capital.

Electronic Purchase Orders

Paper and manual handling slow down the purchase order process; remove both with Cor360 Purchase Order. Electronically create POs, automatically route them for approval, and transmit them to suppliers. If you don’t currently use manual or electronic purchase orders, you’re relinquishing cost-saving benefits.



Reduce the cost, time, and errors inherent in manual, paper-based processes by shifting to electronic invoicing. Electronic invoicing gives you the ability to create a solution that fits your unique business, including configuration of rules, parameter and threshold definitions, online supplier portal, and scan-and-capture capability as needed that turns paper invoices into e-invoices.

cor360 approval workflow routing

Approval Workflow

Automating the approval process can reduce invoice processing time by up to 70% and eliminate the possibility of duplicate payments. Ensure accuracy and timing of payments through Cor360 Approval Workflow’s automated three-way match capability that matches invoices to POs and receipt of goods, without human intervention.


Automated B2B Payments

Centralize and manage 100% of your payments electronically with Corcentric Payments via ACH, wire, vCard/p-Card, or check. Automated payments cost an average of $2.94/invoice vs. $15.96/invoice with manual processes. Plus, you will significantly reduce the chance for check fraud.

ERP Integration

When it comes to enterprise resource planning (ERP), you need to break down barriers between business units so that you achieve cash flow visibility and process efficiency across the entire organization. One key struggle companies have is to integrate their ERP system with their other systems. The Cor360 Payables Automation solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with any ERP or accounting system.

Manage 100% of Your Invoices…Easily

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Did you know?


achieve more efficient processing
from paying suppliers electronically.


of AP staff’s time is spent
responding to supplier inquiries.


say too much paper is one of the
top challenges holding AP back.

Source: 2020 Ardent Partners AP Metrics that Matter

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