In volatile economic times, CFOs need to find the most efficient and effective ways to speed up their cash conversion cycle.

What the guide covers:

Reducing your cash conversion cycle (CCC) and Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) or Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) are the fastest ways to get access to the working capital you need to grow your business and implement essential initiatives. But taking on new debt or extending payment terms for suppliers are costly and unnecessary steps.

This white paper explains why CFOs should turn to a managed services provider to liberate their working capital, and why both suppliers and buyers benefit from the relationship. It’s the optimal way to get access to the people, advanced technology, and funding that finance functions need to accelerate cash flow and optimize their cash conversion cycle.

What you will learn:

  • The multiple factors that can slow down your CCC and strain your cash flow, including poor inventory and credit management, manual invoice and payment processing, and inadequate visibility into cash flow.
  • Why automation alone won’t resolve your CCC and DSO or DPO issues.
  • How a managed services provider can initiate actions that result in a win-win for both suppliers and their customers.