Introducing a smarter way to manage AP Payments

Our B2B payment solutions eliminate friction in your payment process by optimizing your program through platform innovation, personalized support, and continuous process refinement.

This combination of business payment services is key to unlocking cash flow. The benefits go way beyond the finance department, including stronger supplier and customer relationships, the elimination of fraudulent payments, and increased overall organizational efficiency.

A complete Payment Solution

You can rely on Corcentric to provide a complete AP Payments solution to handle all your B2B payment needs. Through a combination of technology and supplier services, you can customize the payment solution that best fits your financial needs.

The Corcentric Payments Network

Based on a scalable platform supporting Buyers, Suppliers, and Partner Providers. Corcentric processes over $100B of spend each year for over 450 thousand buyers and 1.4 million suppliers.

Spend Optimization

The combination of optimizing the efficient use of your resources and your capabilities to maximize your cashflow needs. Corcentric offers an end-to-end set of solutions designed to optimize your AP capabilities while providing choices in how you execute and manage the payment process with your suppliers.

Control your payments lifecycle, unlock your cash flow

By embracing our comprehensive solution, businesses can achieve cost savings, operational efficiency, and improved financial control, ultimately gaining a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market. Let Corcentric be your strategic partner in achieving financial excellence.

A complete Payment Solution

Mid Market and Enterprise customers can rely on Corcentric to provide a complete AP Payments solution to handle all of their payment needs. Through a combination of technology and supplier services; Corcentric customers can customize the payment solution that best fits their financial needs.

Whether you represent a company looking to expand its payment capabilities or a company that is disappointed in the performance of its current solutions, Corcentric can provide a solution to meet and exceed your expectations.

Whether it’s how to apply artificial intelligence to AP, or where to find efficiencies within the AP department, check out this free report from Ardent Partners on the latest trends in AP

Payment Methods

Corcentric helps you process a variety of payment methods based on the needs of your business. Generating different methods of payments from multiple sources adds complexity and risk of fraud to your payment process.

Corcentric compliments your ERP and existing bank, while helping your company streamline your ePayment program. Virtual Cards, ACH, ACH+, and paper check payments are all part of the standard Corcentric AP payment program. • Paper checks • ACH • ACH+ • Virtual Card • Wire

Payment Services

Corcentric offers a full range of services to help you manage and execute on your end-to-end payment process. Companies can select the services that best fits their situation for supplier management, payment execution, or security and protection from fraud.

Corcentric service teams are an extension of your AP team to support strong supplier relationships while effectively adding the capabilities you need.

Supplier Services

• Supplier verification • 12-Step StopFraud™ validation • Onboarding • Supplier training

Payment Services

• Payment tracking • Reconciliation • Payment questions • Continuous enrollment • Self Service Portal • Custom ePayment video

Payment Security

Payment fraud is top of mind for every business today. Our StopFraud™ validation solution integrates an industry-leading multi-point process to validate correct payment details to secure your data (12 points in all). Our team provides monitoring to ensure payments are delivered successfully, every time.

The Corcentric Payments Network

The Corcentric Payments Network is based on a scalable platform supporting Buyers, Suppliers, and Partner Providers. Corcentric processes over $100B of spend each year for over 450,000 buyers and 1.4 million suppliers. Hundreds of customers each year define their financial working capital requirements and rely on Corcentric to assist with their procurement including over $4B of financed transactions annually.

Size of the Payment Network

Corcentric has an extensive set of buyers and sellers transacting across the Corcentric platform. Insights and capabilities from over $100B spend and $105B+ transactions can provide confidence that our experiences continue to help customers achieve the results they need.

Composition of the Payment Network

The Corcentric Payments Network is comprised of companies in a wide array of industries. Corcentric’ s network is unique and different in that Corcentric offers AP, AR, and full purchasing capabilities enabled by financial partnerships like VISA, JP Morgan, and more.

Spend Optimization

Spend Optimization is the combination of how a company optimizes the efficient use of their resources and their capabilities to maximize their cashflow needs.

Corcentric offers an end-to-end set of solutions designed to optimize your AP capabilities while providing choices in how you execute and manage the payment process with your suppliers.

A successful program should result in an efficient ePayment mix, happy, supported suppliers, and cash back related to service producing payment revenue.

Payment Mix

The mix of different AP payment methods is driven by both supplier acceptance and buyer choice. Corcentric helps companies analyze supplier terms and opportunities to optimize cash flow and AP payment mix. The Corcentric Payments Network combined with Corcentric supplier services, gives buyers the opportunity to optimize both their spend and their payment mix.

Corcentric makes it easy for companies to shift to ePayments while efficiently managing required paper check payments.

Qualified ePayments

Qualified ePayments related to Virtual Cards and Enhanced ACH payments enable companies to receive cash back or ePayment rebates. Even experienced companies can be surprised to understand which suppliers are already accepting these types of qualified ePayments.

Corcentric can both educated buyers and help them execute on implementing a Qualified ePayment program. Although many banks and fintech companies claim to offer ePayment incentives; Corcentric can include a minimum guarantees to help companies fund their AP initiatives.

Payment Timing

Payment timing is an important element of optimizing spend and working capital. Corcentric payment services include helping companies analyze opportunities to better leverage payment terms for both cash management and increasing Qualified ePayment acceptance.

We can assist you or work with suppliers on your behalf as an extension of your AP team. Lastly, Corcentric can offer financial choice to help provide credit based solutions that enable required cash management outcomes.

From procurement to finance, our optimized digital payment solutions offer multiple benefits for:

Accounts Payable

  • Gain efficiencies within your team to reduce costs – eliminate paper-based handling and manual tasks — and more effectively manage headcount
  • Have confidence that the right amounts go to the right accounts every time—eliminate payment fraud and spoofing
  • Reduce the number of transactions necessary to execute payment—no more sending multiple files to multiple banks
  • Reduce supplier payment inquiries by 70%—a savings of $20/contact
  • Configure the most optimal payment terms and extend your DPO
  • Optimize spend by payment types to generate cash-back

Supplier Management

  • Pay suppliers faster and build stronger, more strategic relationships
  • Generate opportunities for discounts, promotions, and savings
  • Identify duplicate spending categories to optimize and streamline purchasing strategies
  • Eliminate friction in the supplier experience
  • White glove service for your most important suppliers

Finance / Treasury

  • Achieve the best possible cash flow scenarios
  • Eliminate exposure to payment fraud and risk
  • Plan and forecast more accurately with liabilities captured and recorded as soon as invoices are received
  • Get the simplicity of an audit-ready and regulatory-compliant platform
  • Stop wasting time chasing misdirected money

Suppliers / Vendors

  • Get paid faster with complete accuracy using your preferred payment type
  • Eliminate credit risk and gain predictable cash flow
  • Set up and configure the most optimal payment terms
  • Have access to our 24/7 payment status portal that provides real-time status of all payments, amounts, and timing


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